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Dr Madan's Hair Transplant Clinic Bangalore

We understand that you are looking for best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore and Dr Madan Kumar BJ , Hair transplant surgeon, can offer affordable hair transplantation cost in Bangalore , for all kinds of requirement. You will be extremely satisfied with with his ability to optimize the treatment as per your kind of baldness. YOU JUST TAKE ONE STEP , and this consultation, can clear all confusions, if any, with complete step by step procedure and result graph, right in front of you.

Review by patient Rohan Rao

I am working into the entertainment industry which involves shooting from different locations for the local places across the country. The kind of stress and strain involved in managing the entire location and shooting has created a loss and at the age of 32 I am 60% bald.
And letter on through internet came to know that here transplantation is quite common and done by many including the celebrities. I was going through internet and looking for best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore and came across Dr Madan clinic for the best hair transplantation cost in Bangalore. Although I have consulted 5 hair transplant centres but to me Dr martens consultation he is very transparent and quite helpful in terms of daily lifestyle and do's and don'ts which one can control. Since one and half years after the procedure I am posting this review with the happiness of the successful hair transplantation Bangalore by Dr Madan. It was very confusing and difficult before Consulting this clinic about the actual facts which were very well explained by this young and innovative doctor. The team overall has been very Cooperative and gives consultation as and when required in the Supplementary medicines.
Initially I was confused and watching lot of people whose hair transplant has failed and nothing could be the final output in many cases. But when I came to this doctor he explain me the exact procedure and what is possible and why the hair transplant sometimes is not successful but the transparency with which he is explain the required information and related facts and consequences have made me amazingly surprised as other clinics are hiding the essential information which actually has to be shared with the patient. This made me come up with a complete descriptive review so that whoever is going for hair transplantation may have some kind of help in taking right decision with my experience and feel.
I have seen the success of a transplantation with myself and find quite lucky to be getting the right doctor at a very affordable cost. Overall my colleagues and the team has also appreciated the results which have come in the hair transplantation done by Dr Madan. I will recommend Dr Madan to everyone at least for one consultation with free mind set to understand his innovative ideas and information regarding to your specific kind of baldness. Moreover comparative to other clinics this doctor is very much accessible and you can reach him quite easily.

Finally we welcome the prospective hair transplant patients to come and have a teeth consultation with doctor Madan to have the complete information regarding your specific kind of baldness.

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